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Bamboo Soul Seat

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With no arms or back to inhibit your movement, you can keep your focus on your work as you transition between a variety of healthy sitting positions on the Soul Seat with Wooden Legs.

The height of both the lower platform and the perch can be adjusted to your comfort and workspace. The lower platform is adjustable from 14" to 24" high, while the perch can be raised an additional 8" from the lower platform.

The Bamboo Soul Seat does not swivel. With this stability, the Bamboo Soul Seat can be raised high enough to be used at a drafting table or bar. 

The Standard size has a 25" wide lower platform, perfect for those 5'9" and shorter.

The Large size has a 31" wide lower platform, perfect for those taller than 5'9" or just prefer additional leg room.

Weighing roughly 42 pounds (19 kg), the Soul Seat is simple to move from room-to-room. You will find the Soul Seat suitable at the kitchen table and in the family room, in addition to in your office.

Purchase your Soul Seat risk-free! Thanks to our growing pool of happy customers, we're so confident that Soul Seat will be the solution you're looking for, we guarantee return shipping and full refunds within 90 days if you aren't completely satisfied.

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Solved my back pain
Posted Oct 21st 2020 by Jennifer Lena

I work behind a computer all day, and for the first time (covid) I am working mostly from home. I've had the Soul Seat for almost a month now, and my chronic back pain is a distant memory. Yes, my sitting bones are a bit sore by the end of the day, but nothing else is. Yes, I move around a lot on the chair, but that also means I'm not as stiff at the end of the workday. Yes, the seat springs make a noise when you adjust on the small seat and the pads below the upper seat peeled off within days--neither have caused harm to my chair or to me. It is sturdy and beautiful.

Still deciding
Posted Oct 1st 2020 by Katie B.

Despite dreaming about buying this chair for so long, the jury is still out. I've been using my soul seat daily for over a month, and I'm still on the fence on whether or not this will be a long-term solution for me. What I like: The chair is beautiful. I do change positions a lot more frequently, which I feel is a good thing. What I do not like: It's quite loud when I move around because of the springs underneath the perch. This is a bit distracting. The tiny stick-on felt pads that were underneath the legs came off in a day. I think because you change positions so often on this seat, the changes in weight distribution cause the pads to shift and eventually pop out. For a chair at this price point, I would have liked to see a protective pad that was securely attached. I'm still sore in my sit bones using the chair all day, like how you feel when you ride a bike with a firm seat. I'm told I'll get used to it, but after a month it's only improved slightly. I really hope this part improves!

Fantastic desk chair!
Posted Jul 7th 2020 by Sarah Pearce

I've been trying out various desk chairs for the last couple of years, trying to find one that doesn't exacerbate hip/back pain, and this is it. The change has been *amazing*, and I'd recommend this chair to anyone. I like being able to adjust how I'm sitting during the day as well as the fact that this chair really lets you use your core muscles to sit. I do find that I'm scooting the chair relative to my desk more than I expected as I change my sitting position, so if I were buying again I might get the one with wheels, but overall I'm really happy with the purchase.

Bamboo Soul Seat
Posted Jun 12th 2020 by Adriana

Love this desk chair! Yes it is expensive, but it is worth it. My back doesn't hurt as bad as with other regular chairs.

Great chair
Posted May 20th 2020 by Sândina Ponte

Brilliant design and looks great. I bought one for my home office and now I may have to buy one for my son as well. His posture looked great!

Great chair for distributed office
Posted Apr 27th 2020 by Midori Krieger

I’m very happy I ordered this chair prior to home quarantine. With more home office time these days it’s been great to have seated options I would not give five stars as the mechanism to adjust seat height are rudimentary and quite manual. I switch from seated to standing to kneeling quite often and the manual pin and lock adjustment makes this harder than it should be. At this price point a more sophisticated adjustment mechanism should be provided.

Just what I needed
Posted Oct 28th 2019 by Ben

I consider myself fairly "ergonomic conscious". I work at a computer constantly and my whole life I've had to learn and adapt how to do it best so I don't hurt myself with repetitive stress injuries or bad habits. I have a standing desk, a split keyboard, a vertical mouse, etc... But recently my legs and knees have been telling me that I was standing too much and needed to sit more. And after deciding to sit more it became clear to me how bad my posture is. After working at the computer and slouching my head forward I was getting headaches and neck aches. But this chair is perhaps the most important thing I've bought so far. I'm now experiencing so much less aching in my head and neck. This is the first chair where I can feel my posture improving while sitting. It definitely takes some getting used to. Finding the poses that work for me was a learning curve. But now I find it very comfortable. Yeah, it's expensive. But if I can help prevent injury or harm to myself in the long run, then that's a lot more money saved. I considered this an investment to my health and I'm so glad I bought it.

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Pendleton Wool Fabric 100% Pure virgin Eco-Wise Wool, Cradle to Cradle Certified by MBDC, responsibly made in America with renewable wool and natural dyes, leaving the smallest possible impact on the earth.
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Weight 44.00 LBS
Height 16.00
Width 30.00
Depth 30.00
Bamboo Soul Seat in Amber and Grey Pendleton Wool: office chair for cross-legged sitting
Bamboo Soul Seat in Wheat and Grey Pendleton Wool: office chair for cross-legged sitting
Bamboo Soul Seat in Natural and Grey Pendleton Wool: office chair for cross-legged sitting
Bamboo Soul Seat in Amber and Doe Pendleton Wool: office chair for cross-legged sitting
Bamboo Soul Seat in Natural and Doe Pendleton Wool: office chair for cross-legged sitting
Bamboo Soul Seat in Wheat and Doe Pendleton Wool: office chair for cross-legged sitting
Bamboo Soul Seat in Amber and Marine Pendleton Wool: office chair for cross-legged sitting
Bamboo Soul Seat in Wheat and Marine Pendleton Wool: office chair for cross-legged sitting
Bamboo Soul Seat in Natural and Marine Pendleton Wool: office chair for cross-legged sitting
Man sitting cross-legged on Bamboo Soul Seat in Wheat and Merlot
Woman sitting cross-legged on Soul Seat Bamboo in Natural and Merlot
Man sitting on Bamboo Soul Seat in Natural and Blueprint