The imitations have begun.

Jun 26th 2020

It has been brought to our attention by a couple of awesome customers that there are some international companies claiming to sell our US Patented Soul Seats on and TaoBao. They are even using our images, taken from our website and socia...
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Current product prices remain until June 28th

Jun 11th 2020

Our current pricing structure has not changed in nearly 10 years.In response to feedback from our customers over the years, we are creating our products in much more eco-friendly ways. The bamboo legs and water-based finishes that are now standard be...
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Covid-19 and Ikaria Design Co

Mar 18th 2020

With all of our lives being affected by this coronavirus, we wanted to update all of you on how it is affecting our business and what that means for you as a customer.As of now, our daily operations are running full steam ahead. How is that possible?...
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Introducing Ikaria Design Company!

Mar 4th 2020

You may not have known this because our Soul Seat logo is so prevalent, but our company for the last 10+ years has been named Health By Design. This was great on a local level, but now that our presence is expanding globally we no longer feel th...
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How to Survive the Holidays without your Soul Seat!

Dec 11th 2019

Are you traveling this month and can't take your Soul Seat or Flow Desk with you? We're here to help you stay active and comfortable! Here are 5 great options to help you avoid the pain that comes from sitting in conventional chairs. Trust us, your b...
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Will you strike with us?

Sep 19th 2019

In the US, youth and adults, institutional and grassroots organizations, climate-focused and social justice groups, are coming together as a unified front to demand the change we need to save our future. The youth have been leading the way and demand...
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Meet Zoe Welch!

Apr 5th 2019

Zoe, our Wellness Ambassador, is an Austin based yoga instructor, whose daily intention is to uplift those around her and help to empower others to find joy in the beauty of movement and their own unique self expression.It is her appreciation for mov...
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The Least Disruptive Option

Mar 12th 2019

In this interview with featured Soul Seater, Lucia Bourgeois you get a sense of how much courage it can take to claim your own self-care in the workplace. Lucia joined Hannah and me at our space in Orr Street Studios.Pack Matthews: Hi Lucia, thanks f...
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Thank you from the Founder

Mar 11th 2019

The last two years at Health By Design have been truly remarkable. We haven’t seen this much change and innovation since we first launched ten years ago!The outline of the story can be seen in our sales figures. We’ve enjoyed steady but leisurely gro...
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Soul Seat talks with Katy Bowman!

Dec 6th 2018

A couple weeks ago, our very own designer and founder, Pack Matthews, was interviewed by Katy Bowman for her podcast, Move Your DNA, and it is finally here for your listening pleasure! Katy is an internationally recognized biomechanist, author,...
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This Startup Has Graduated From The Garage!

Nov 7th 2018

For several years our founder, Pack, has rented a studio space in Orr Street Studios in the North Village Arts District in Columbia, Missouri. As a pianist, he used the space for composing and practicing, as well as a showroom for Soul Seats and Floo...
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