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6 Ways Your Soul Seat Purchase Is A Subversive Act

1. You can purchase the Soul Seat over time without interest, reinstating the trust economy.

2. The design will not change at the pace of fashion but at the pace of human evolution. Your Soul Seat won't go out of style in your lifetime, because it doesn't play that game at all. The Soul Seat was designed by a Yogi piano tuner who appreciates the value of tools and methodologies that last and remain relevant for hundreds of years.

3. Its construction is durable enough that it can be refurbished multiple times or handed off to someone else if you ever outgrow it by transitioning to sitting mostly on the floor. Recently, a Soul Seat was resold on Craigslist for this very reason. The customer started with the standard Soul Seat, then got flexible enough to remove the Perch completely, (She was the first customer to request a pillow to cover the flange). Then she built her own floor desk to move her work completely to the floor. Her Soul Seat sold for over half of its retail price after five years of productive use.

4. The Soul Seat represents a range of products that operate outside the current consumerist, rentier economy. It's a product that upgrades you, rather than you needing to fork over more and more rent just to keep it up to date and functioning. It will continue to play well with your body and your other creative tools without demanding upgrades.

5. By purchasing a Soul Seat, you are supporting a post-industrial, post corporate production and design ecosystem. Health By Design is a family-owned, community embedded enterprise with a transparent value proposition.

6. No user contracts! Our business model isn't built on hoovering up your personal data such as Facebook’s. The Soul Seat facilitates active sitting, but we don't need to track your movement. We're pretty confident that you'll be making healthy choices as a by-product of the greater satisfaction you feel at the end of your busy day. We trust your word of mouth network to spread the word. Your social network won't be healthy if we seek to manipulate it to our ends. If we can help people thrive within their networks, then we're confident that we will too.