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Is it the floor, the desk, or both?

Is it the floor, the desk, or both?

I've often said that the Soul Seat isn't to be compared with any other chair, that our only real competition is the floor. This photo of Taranta's take on the modern office illustrates what can be accomplished now that our tools have become un-tethered. I was reminded that this isn't an exaggeration during an email conversation with one of our most recent customers. While waiting for her Soul Seat to arrive, she sent us several questions relating to the various yoga postures the Soul Seat could accommodate. She was also curious about specific Soul Seat dimensions, how low does the "Perch" (the small cushion) go? And can it be removed completely if need be?

I was beginning to wonder if the Soul Seat would fit her needs, when she related that until recently, she was able to do all her office work on the floor. With her new job in a county mental health department, she had to work at a desk and she wanted to know how many of her favorite floor postures she could take with her to this new setting.

Here she was, asking the very same questions we asked in developing the first Soul Seat prototypes; "How much of the yoga mat experience can we bring up to desktop height?" The Soul Seat was being compared by this customer with nothing other than the floor itself. Nothing can compete with the floor to provide all the leverage and angles you need to keep the deep structure of the pelvis and legs healthy and vital. A Yogini customer such as she knew this from experience.

Because of recent technological developments, most of our work here in the developed world can follow us anywhere we can find access to our wireless networks. That means most floor spaces. The functional boundaries of "office" and "desk" have literally exploded. It's time for our work habits to follow suit and take advantage of this new reality. For me, most of my time spent interacting with my computer (including writing this blog) is accomplished sitting on the floor with the laptop propped up on a low floor desk. For those of us who are still tied to a particular desktop location for a portion of the day, the Soul Seat offers the next best solution to the floor. Our new customer and her colleagues will soon have this confirmed.

Recently, I was being interviewed by a journalist about my TEDx talk on fascia and "Sitting is the new Smoking". Her last question involved what my favorite book was and my favorite app. For the book, I referred her to Adam Grant, "Give and Take" about radical generosity in the workplace. For my favorite app, I had to say, The Lotus Pose. I've been saying this for a while now because I sincerely believe that Half Lotus and Full Lotus are the killer app for 21st century knowledge workers. These poses provide us with focused access to our networks anywhere we have wireless access to the cloud. They allow us to perform our tasks of staying connected while minimizing the effects of these sedentary activities. Too often the Lotus Pose is associated with contemplative and spiritual pursuits. Our un-wired world provides us the opportunity to repurpose this ancient technology, expanding its utility and application, ushering in a revolution in how we utilize the spaces around us.