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Thank you from the Founder

The last two years at Health By Design have been truly remarkable. We haven’t seen this much change and innovation since we first launched ten years ago!

The outline of the story can be seen in our sales figures. We’ve enjoyed steady but leisurely growth over the years. Then our daughter, Hannah Halwel, came on board as Director of Operations and Media. Her contribution has been significant on several fronts.

The first change she made was to our social media presence. Then she took on the website, migrating us to a more effective e-commerce platform where she could apply her considerable graphic design skills with a completely new look and functionality.

We responded to a request to be interviewed by Katy Bowman of Nutritious Movement, which helped get our story out to many more of you around the globe. We’ve continued to prioritize our values, incorporating ever more eco-friendly materials from which to make our products.

The other visible change is an echo of our earliest days as a start-up. My fellow creatives here in Columbia’s North Village Arts District were some of our first champions and storytellers. You can see the latest results in the wonderful photos featured on the website. Hannah and I approached Kim Wade, one of the top local photographers, to update our product shots. She didn’t even know she was in the market for a new workstation chair until she sat on the Soul Seat we had brought with us. She was so impressed with how it made her feel, we moved it over to her standing desk to see how it would function for her as she processed photos at her computer. That is where it is to this day. The pattern continues as creatives discover the unique contribution the Soul Seat can make to their output.

We’ve realized that we were in the alignment business for a while now, but a recent experience confirmed for me that focusing on the alignment of values is also a core activity. Just the other night I was attending a local event featuring Ron Stallworth, the author of BlacKkKlansman, (Spike Lee won an Oscar for his film adaptation). I was proud to see that the first person in line for the Q & A was Carol Brown, who you know as one of our master upholsterers!

When visiting Carol’s shop to pick up your custom slipcovers, or those dreamy Cradle to Cradle certified Pendleton Wool models, she’ll give me progress updates on the Bail Bond fund she’s helping to establish for low-income families. The conversation will switch to geeking out about fabrics, parachute straps, and seam allowances, and then switch again to filling me in on the Community Oriented Policing work, the details that aren’t getting published in the local press. Just know that your Soul Seat dollars contribute to aligning your values as they align your spine.

Nick Spaeder, our master woodworker, helped us make the move into the larger studio at Orr Street Studios as we put our design principles underfoot with a raised and responsive cork floor. This founders feet and knees are very grateful for that. Nick has been involved since the beginning and is always ready and eager to tweak a design or help us render a new idea. He’s helped us experiment with bamboo, new Flow Desk designs, and pegboard organizing systems.

Finally, thank you, for your role as customers, fans, and champions of the Soul Seat. As one of our recent interviewees (Lucia Bourgeois) illuminates, every Soul Seat user is a pioneer in culture change as you put your ongoing health ahead of the odd looks and curious questions. Thanks for helping to share the good news of active sitting.

We look forward to continuing to evolve our relationship with you, with our designs, with innovation as we redesign work and play to be in alignment with our health and our most cherished principles.

Thank you,

Pack Matthews

Founder and Designer of Health By Design