Your feedback and insight are critical to our success.
You are the primary beneficiary of the customer feedback that has come before you. We intend to keep that conversation vibrant and ongoing. We want to know what's working and what isn't in order to further refine our offerings. We believe the voice of you, the customer, should be present in all major decisions.

We won't violate your trust.
We believe that trust is the only currency that endures. You trust us to behave ethically, honestly and transparently. Healthy and vibrant communities keep integrity at their core. It's as true for our physical bodies as it is for the networks of which we are all part. If you ever feel that we or our partners are straying from the path of integrity, we want to hear about it.

We won't waste your time.
We know our customers don't have the time to re-hab chronic physical ailments that could have been prevented with good design up front. We aren't interested in selling you the wrong solution just because we could. We won't expect you to tolerate in-elegant solutions or products.

We Look for the Stitch-In-time so we can save you nine.
We won't produce products that take advantage of, paper over, or merely mitigate preventable symptoms. We are committed to aiming Design Thinking well upstream of chronic physical pain and unhealthy community dynamics.

We are connoisseurs of Design Thinking.
We are proud of our preference for Design Thinking and its results. Design Thinking is simply aiming our human ingenuity and creativity at the point of highest leverage, and then being willing to re-think decisions in light of the feedback our actions produce. We celebrate learning from this ongoing dance between our professed values and the real world. See our blog for more detailed examples and discussion of Design Thinking.

We cherish the path toward mastery.
We want to know about the craftspeople in your neck of the woods in order to explore partnering for local manufacturing. We take pride in the high quality of our solutions and the attention to detail it takes to render them. We think the products you depend on should be produced as locally to you as possible. It's better for your community and it makes for healthier ecosystems.

Plasticity isn't just for our brains. We are committed to helping you remake your fascia as well.
Our approach to the design of products and services is inspired by a radical new paradigm of human physiology. Every day brings new evidence of the plasticity and regenerative capacity of our nervous system. Similar discoveries are changing what we once assumed about the role of connective tissue or fascia. It's proving to be more malleable and regenerative than we ever imagined. In addition, the microbiome of our intestine, skin and mucous membranes are now understood to be dynamic partners in our well-being. We're just beginning to understand the impact these revolutionary discoveries will have on our healthy lifestyles. We are excited to be part of the re-design of our built environment and our collective behavior in light of this flood of new knowledge.