6 reasons why the Soul Seat may be right for you:


ryan-poster.jpg1. You often sit cross-legged in conventional chairs.

2. You feel pain and/or muscle tightness at the end of your workday.

3. You hate your "ergonomic" chair. 

4. You find yourself losing focus at work.

5. You like to fidget and move while you work.

6. You want to add more movement into your day.


If you are looking for a chair that brings together self-care and sustainably minded design, your search ends here. The Soul Seat is the perfect furniture for those who want to increase their strength, flexibility, and movement, while resting assured that the manufacturing has taken the due diligence to make sure that each chair is made with care for the environment and ethically sourced materials. At Health By Design, a better quality of work life is handcrafted into each design.

In a world where ergonomic design meant furniture was crafted to our body’s most natural posture, you would see a lot more furniture made to accommodate floor sitting, as the pelvis is brilliantly designed for. The Soul Seat helps you make progress towards healthy posture, by providing you with different sitting options that allow you to move throughout the day while keeping your pelvis safe and your core engaged at your traditional desk (ready to move up by going down? Check out our floor desks!).

By stretching and strengthening throughout the day, the challenges of balancing work, family, and caring for yourself become simpler. While sitting on your Soul Seat, tap into pockets of energy through breathing, stretching, and knowing you are caring for your body.

The products offered at Health By Design are handcrafted from renewable materials wherever possible. In each new design, we strive to increase the percentage of low impact parts. Our metal fabricators utilize 80% recycled steel for the core of the Soul Seat, and because the production of the Soul Seat is centrally located in the Midwest, the largest portion of the Seat's carbon footprint (shipping) is reduced.

Ask about our customizing options. You can choose your own fabric, an alternative wood stain on the legs, up-cycle your current office chair, and more. You can also choose to have your local upholsterer customize your Soul Seat. We'll ship the Soul Seat un-upholstered and you can work with your local artisan to choose just the right fabric.


Watch the video below to see the Soul Seat and Elizabeth Floor Desk working together in tandem!