Rebecca Floor Desk


Rebecca Floor Desk in walnut is handcrafted in Columbia, MO by local artisan, Joe Marshall. The desk is beautiful and functional, providing you the perfect surface to work while stretching and strengthening on the floor. Placed on a table or desk, this floor desk effortlessly becomes a standing desk.

Let our fine furniture support you in your quest for healthy living as you leave chairs and couches behind. The Rebecca Floor Desk was designed specifically to help you maintain flexibility and a pain-free back and knees as you work. The unique 10 1/2" height of this desk allows it to double as a standing desk when perched atop a table. Handcrafted by Mid-Missouri artist, Joe Marshall, it will become your preferred work surface for a lifetime. 

Designed to keep your hips supple, your mobility intact, this versatile, handcrafted walnut floor desk allows you to keep your creativity free and un-tethered from conventional desks and chairs.

Experience your creative juices at all altitudes sitting and standing as our design brings activity and physical challenge back to your work.

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Women working at handcrafted Rebecca Floor Desk in walnut for floor sitting
Handcrafted Rebecca Floor Desk in walnut
Woman working on computer on walnut Rebecca Floor Desk