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Replace your traditional office chair with our ergonomic Soul Seat! 

The purchase of a Soul Seat is an investment in your health, and we want you to be able to reap the rewards of that investment as soon as possible! You can now purchase your Soul Seat with our interest-free Scheduled Payment Plan. Choose to pay over 3, 6, or 12 monthly installments (plus any applicable tax/shipping).

** Limited to orders within the continental United States only.

At checkout, you will pay your first monthly installment, plus any applicable shipping and tax. 

The height of both the platform and the perch are adjustable. The adjustable perch and main cushion swivel just as a conventional office chair does. But that is where the parallels stop. Everything else about the task chair model represents a paradigm shift in ergonomic thinking.

Weighing 25 pounds (11.4 kilos), the Soul Seat is simple to move from room-to-room. You will find the Soul Seat suitable at the kitchen table and in the family room, in addition to in your office.

Limited stock: only 5 per month! 

Purchase your Soul Seat risk-free! Thanks to our growing pool of happy customers, we're so confident that Soul Seat will be the solution you're looking for, we guarantee return shipping and full refunds for 90 days if you aren't completely satisfied.

All orders charged in USD.

I love it!
Posted Nov 14th 2019 by Amber

I love it! Besides letting me sit all the ways I want to without looking like (too much of) a weirdo at work, it has incredibly smooth 360- degree rotation. I didn't even think about this perk before purchasing it, but I really like how I can twist back and forth while I'm working. I'm a college professor and I spend a lot of time in front of a computer. This is going to be a wonderful change!! Thank you!

Chair is painful
Posted Jul 4th 2019 by Charlene Lundberg

My entire family has tried this chair and all find it to cause pain. Either our legs go numb or back gets sore. I keep trying again with same results.

Best. Chair. Ever!
Posted Jun 19th 2019 by Jason

I absolutely LOVE this chair. I'm an app developer and so I spend a lot of time at my desk. No other chair lets me sit as naturally and comfortably as the Soul Seat. If you naturally like sitting cross legged or any other "non standard" way you're going to love it. + I can still sit the "standard" way if my body calls for it. It's a really flexible chair allowing you to sit in many different ways. Highly recommend!

This seat is amazing!
Posted May 16th 2019 by Gerry

I’ve wanted one of these for years, and it’s as good as I hoped! The seating position is great and I don’t miss the back at all. Get one, you won’t be disappointed!

Love this chair!
Posted Mar 2nd 2019 by Sherri

I love all the comfortable ways I can sit in this chair. It was amazingly easy to put together, too. I desperately wanted to use this at work, but they have policies about only using their per-selected “ergonomic” chairs. I feel like my Soul Seat would actually be so much better for me. So I only get to use it at my home desk.

the perfect seat
Posted Feb 10th 2019 by Hilary

I am SO happy with my (2!) Soul Seats. I've disliked sitting in chairs since before I can remember, and would always find myself putting my legs up, or slouching, or finding inventive ways to sit. I started exploring alternatives once I found that at work I was most comfortable sitting cross-legged / half-lotus at my desk. This chair could not have fit the bill better, and I have been happy with it since day 1. My pattern for sitting in it right now is to try to alternate sitting half-lotus with sitting "seiza" (feet tucked underneath) for ~30 minute chunks of time. The seat is easy enough to adjust that I often end up adjusting it several times a day to accommodate the different postures. Even if I'm only briefly stopping at my desk, I can quickly sit on the cushion with one leg tucked under, sort of side-saddle style. This is all to say -- it's as adaptable as it's billed, and I've been thrilled that it's gone beyond my expectations. Thanks also to the team for doing the payment plan -- made it easier for me to take the leap!

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Ultrafabrics Primera Fabric 100% Polyurethane Surface, 55% Viscose Rayon, 45% Polyester. Environmental Information: Compliant with Prop 65, Low VOCs, No Conflict Minerals, No Heavy Metal Stabilizers, No Flame Retardants, No Plasticizer Phthalates, No POPs, No PVC
Weight 36.00 LBS
Height 30.00
Width 30.00
Depth 10.00
Black Ultrafabrics Primera Soul Seat cross legged chair with perch raised
Black Ultrafabrics Primera Soul Seat cross legged chair with perch lowered
Back view of Soul Seat in black Ultrafabrics Primera for cross legged sitting
Woman sitting barefoot on Soul Seat chair for cross legged sitting
Half kneeling position on Soul Seat office chair
Women sitting in Soul Seats and using Elizabeth Floor Desk as standing desk
Ultrafabrics Primera Chalk soul seat chair for sitting criss cross applesauce
Ultrafabrics Primera Blueprint soul seat chair for sitting criss cross applesauce
Ultrafabrics Primera Merlot soul seat chair for sitting criss cross applesauce
Soul Seat - Scheduled Payment Plan