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With no arms or back to inhibit your movement, you can keep your focus on your work as you transition between a variety of healthy sitting positions on the Soul Seat with Wooden Legs.

The height of both the lower platform and the perch can be adjusted to your comfort and workspace. The lower platform is adjustable from 14" to 24" high, while the perch can be raised an additional 8" from the lower platform.

The Soul Seat with Wooden Legs does not swivel. With this stability, the Soul Seat with Wooden Legs can be raised high enough to be used at a drafting table or bar. 

This Large Size Soul Seat has a 31" wide lower platform, perfect for those 5'10" and taller. If you are shorter than 5'10", please consider our standard sized Soul Seat with Wooden Legs, which has a lower platform that is 25" wide.

Weighing roughly 42 pounds (19 kg), the Soul Seat is simple to move from room-to-room. You will find the Soul Seat suitable at the kitchen table and in the family room, in addition to in your office.

Purchase your Soul Seat risk-free! Thanks to our growing pool of happy customers, we're so confident that Soul Seat will be the solution you're looking for, we guarantee return shipping and full refunds within 90 days if you aren't completely satisfied.

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Height 30.00
Width 30.00
Depth 16.00
Large Soul Seat with wooden legs in black leather, cross legged chair
Woman sitting on Soul Seat with wooden legs in kneeling position
Two women sitting cross legged and kneeling on Soul Seats in workspace
Closeup detail of the wooden legs on Soul Seat
Soul Seat's wooden legs