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Replace your traditional office chair with a chair that allows you to sit cross legged while you work! (Along with countless other positions!)

The height of both the lower platform and the perch can be adjusted to your comfort and workspace. The lower platform is adjustable from 15" to 20" high, while the perch can be raised an additional 8" from the lower platform. 

The standard size Soul Seat has a 25" wide lower platform, perfect for those 5'9" and shorter.

The Large size has a 31" wide lower platform, perfect for those taller than 5'9" or if you just prefer additional leg room.

This Soul Seat swivels just as a conventional office chair does, but that is where the parallels stop. Everything else about the Soul Seat represents a paradigm shift in ergonomic thinking, bringing together self-care and sustainably minded design.

Weighing 25 pounds (11.4 kg), the Soul Seat is simple to move from room-to-room. You will find the Soul Seat suitable at the kitchen table and in the family room, in addition to in your office.

Purchase your Soul Seat risk-free! Thanks to our growing pool of happy customers, we're so confident that Soul Seat will be the solution you're looking for, we guarantee return shipping and full refunds for 90 days if you aren't completely satisfied.

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Love this chair
Posted Feb 24th 2020 by Mallory

The Soul Seat has been the perfect addition to my home office. Squatting, kneeling, sitting cross-legged, and encouraging frequent movement/repositioning have all helped me feel less constrained while working!

Not just for the young and flexible....
Posted Feb 16th 2020 by Tracy A

I am more than a few years older than "young and flexible" but I love my Soul Seat. Yes, various parts fall asleep if I sit in one position too long, but that's the whole point....keep moving and sit in lots of different positions to keep things as young and flexible as possible!

I like it!
Posted Dec 14th 2019 by Jimmie

My Soul Seat pairs wonderfully with my adjustable stand/sit desk, giving me a wide variety of different configurations so that I'm not in a single position for long. I wonder if I'm too large/tall for this chair? I'm female, 5'8", size 10. Not plus size or extremely tall, but sometimes I wish for more chair—more base and especially more perch. I hang off the perch quite a bit and often have to do a lot of adjusting to get my rear in the perfect position. My legs also fall asleep when I sit cross-legged on it. That's been a shocker for me! I've never had my legs fall asleep before in cross-legged position. There's something about the small perch and the pressure it's exerting on my rear that puts my legs to sleep. (?) So I tend to sit with my legs folded under themselves. That ends up being the most comfortable position for the Soul Seat. I also like the squatting position, but I can't get my desk at the right height to get my legs under the desk and still have the work top at the right level for typing. I don't use the Soul Seat as much as I thought (frequency or duration) due to my legs falling asleep. That's disappointing, for sure. But I don't regret my decision to buy the chair. I still like having it around and use it daily.

What I've been looking for
Posted Nov 24th 2019 by Becky

This is the chair I have been looking for my entire professional life! The second I heard Pack on Katy Bowman I knew I wanted to try this chair, and it has not disappointed. Thank you!

I absolutely love this chair!
Posted Nov 10th 2019 by Leslie

I was always adjusting my position in a normal office chair, tucking one leg under my seat because that was always more comfortable for me. This chair is perfect -- there are so many comfortable ways to sit, I absolutely love it!

Great for hip flexibility
Posted Oct 30th 2019 by Seriina

I'm a martial artist and sitting in chairs all day kills my hips. I had a friend post a picture of this chair on FB and after a little research I was able to find SoulSeat. I thought it was a bit pricey but figured I'd try it. WOW, it has helped my IT Band soooooo much. It also makes it so that my hips are getting locked up and has reduced the amount of stretching I need to do for class. The construction and materials are great. I have recommended it to everyone I know who does MA or not.

Good but not perfect
Posted Aug 26th 2019 by Pierre

I was looking for a chair with large space to sit crossed legged. This chair is one of the 3 options I could find, there really is not many competitor to this chair. The only other option that comes close is the Sukhasana chair, with a price tag double this one. This chair fits the bill. I really like the keeling and deep squat sitting on the chair, it is unique for those 2 position, and that is a big plus! You can even just sit regular on it, by adjusting the seat higher as a small backrest. The only issue I have with it is that you will not be comfortable with a basic crossed-legged position, you have to go half-lotus (or full lotus if you are one of thooose people). Its not a huge deal, because with the elevated seat, half lotus is quite easy. Also, since there is no backrest, not even a minimalist one, you have to sitting in lotus with a very active posture, you cannot relax much at all. Which might be what you are looking for. Overall good product and good experience with the company.

I love this new way of sitting
Posted Jul 30th 2019 by Taylor Dorin

I am your typical office employee who is confined to a desk with monitors for the work day. I used to have a standing desk, and that worked for the job I had where I moved around too much to sit. But after joining the software world, I found that standing for extended stretches actually hurt my ability to concentrate. It was a very reluctant transition to sitting, one that actually gave my hips more pain. I tried to use a medicine ball, but even that wasn't enough to occupy my joints. To help with the hip pain I began training myself out of sitting with one leg crossed over the other. But I found that all i wanted to do was stretch and no chair available to me would let me do that, I found that sitting in a lotus position was the one position I wanted to be in. After some googling, I found the Soul Seat. A few weeks of thought and financial consideration, I decided to pull the trigger, if anything, I could try it for 30 days. Well, after the first day I was a Soul Seat convert. Soul Seat is incredible because it's a seat that you can move in. there isn't the one single position we all know and dread, there are dozens that you can easily shift into. There are positions that can help stretch out anything that is in pain or is tight, but can also just be a comfortable seat where you are free to sit as you desire. I can't say this is a seat for everyone, but this is certainly the seat for me. I love my Soul Seat.

Great for martial artists
Posted Jul 16th 2019 by Matthew Bunday

As a martial artist I pay a lot of attention to my posture and flexibility. I would hate for the training I do to get undone by hours of sitting at my office. I do have a motorized standing desk but personally I find that for the heavy thinking sort of work I do it does help me to sit down. I love the Soulseat because I could remove the top insert entirely and just use it as a platform to sit in seiza, fudosa, full squat, and other beneficial positions during the day. I appreciate that I can keep my back straight throughout the day and passively work on my ankle and hip flexibility.

I feel so much better!
Posted May 30th 2019 by EMILIE L SCHARIO

I love my chair and recommend it to all my coworkers!

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Ultrafabrics Primera Fabric 100% Polyurethane Surface, 55% Viscose Rayon, 45% Polyester. Environmental Information: Compliant with Prop 65, Low VOCs, No Conflict Minerals, No Heavy Metal Stabilizers, No Flame Retardants, No Plasticizer Phthalates, No POPs, No PVC
Pendleton Wool Fabric 100% Pure virgin Eco-Wise Wool, Cradle to Cradle Certified by MBDC, responsibly made in America with renewable wool and natural dyes, leaving the smallest possible impact on the earth.
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Weight 34.00 LBS
Height 30.00
Width 30.00
Depth 10.00
Black ultrafabrics primera Soul Seat cross legged chair with perch raised
Rear view of ultrafabrics primera black Soul Seat chair for cross legged sitting
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Side view of ultrafabrics primera blueprint Soul Seat cross-legged chair
Merlot, blueprint, chalk soul seats for cross legged sitting
Woman sitting barefoot on Soul Seat chair for cross legged sitting
Half kneeling position on Soul Seat office chair
Soul Seat cross legged chairs in workspace with Elizabeth Desk as standing desk
Front view of Soul Seat standard in Blueprint